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What Is DevOps ?

DevOps, combined form of Development and Operations in meant for building Devlopment and Operations team as a single team to get a project completed in better way. Like all new technologies or terminology, DevOps is also one of the most confusing term for people around, as understanding the meaning and methodology is not clear to many. Also being a new technology or term it is still evolving.
DevOps showcases a change in IT software practices, the practices which now focus more on faster software or service delivery as against the old techniques. DevOps brings people and the techniques or culture together, and focus on improved collaboration between operations and development teams.
Technically, DevOps is implementation of multiple automation tools that helps in increasingly programmable and dynamic infrastructure from a life cycle perspective.
DevOps is the outcome of agile methodology which came in picture from the need to keep up with the increased software delivery rate and throughput agile techniques have achieved. More and more usage of Agile culture and methods in last few years called for more sophisticated approach to the software delivery lifecycle from start to end. Agile methodology is a term which calls of delivery of a project or service or software in phase by phase manner. Earlier practices, used to deliver the complete service or software or project in single shot at the end of project as per estimations. Those methodologies used to create issue, as in the software which gets created and expectation of business is different. In older methodology business used to get the software or service at the end only, but in Agile the software and service is delivered in phase by phase manner, which reduces the chance of having a blunder at the end, as client or business is continuously aware of what is happening in the project and if any issues found can be handled in between, rather than doing and solving at the end. This called for better approach for software delivery techniques and DevOps is nothing but combination of multiple new and old techniques to keep up pace with agile methologlgy.
DevOps helps In better collaboration between business teams or owners from planning phase to delivery phase and then in automation phase of the delivery process.
DevOps helps in:
• Deployment frequency
• Makes it fast to reach the customers
• Reduces failures
• Reduces time in bug fixing
2015 State of DevOps Report mentions, “DevOps helped IT organizations in deploying 30x more frequently with 200x shorter lead times; they have 60x fewer failures and recover 168x faster.” Which is like AWESOME!!!!

Various technologies which a DevOps engineer is supposed to know but not limited to are mentioned below:
• Jenkins
• Puppet
• Chef
• Docker
• Ansible
• GitHub
• Sonar
• Maven
• Vagrant
• Kubernete
DevOps is making lot of buzz in market and is one of the most sought after skill set.

Future Scope

The future of DevOps without saying seems to be great opportunity stream of software development industry. It is expected to see vertical growth of the cloud, automation tools, containers, and company-wide collaboration. Many organizations are still gathering information and trying to understand how they can implement in their services. DevOps since it is new term is also expected to see many changes and new features in near future.
Professionals with DevOps skills are amongst the most demanded professionals in IT industry and are expected to grow more as more and more businesses are moving towards DevOps as they understand the advantages of it. If you aim to build your career in DevOps, below are certain notable skills.
The DevOps engineer is supposed to know:
• Programming languages for coding
• Automation tools mentioned above.
• Understanding of core business and IT

How it is helpful for Freshers and Experienced?

With the description above, you must have understood DevOps is expected to see numerous opportunities in the market in near future. Since there are very few people with understanding on DevOps present in market, it is the right time to learn and make career in DevOps for both fresher’s and experienced professionals.
Many organizations are hiring DevOps engineer to scale up their IT operations.
Similar to cloud computing, AWS and Azure, DevOps is also a very popular and needed skill set in current industry. Many professionals are adding cloud technologies and DevOps skills to pace up with the industry requirements.


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