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What Is Python And It's Future Scope ?

Python was programming language developed by Guido van Rossum.
Python is one of the most sought after programming language of modern day developers. Python being very powerful programming language, allows developers to do multiple things out of Python, like it can be used in Analytics, Machine Learning, IOT, Selenium and at many other places. One of the major reason it is so popular is that it is open source technology and freely available for modification, for example you can download Python and check the source code, and make changes to it. It is little similar to Fortran, but far more powerful. Python offer more productive coding environment than massive languages like C# and Java. Experienced coders tend to stay more organized and productive when working with Python, as well. In Python we can use variables without declaring them. Various application which can be developed using Python are:

Application Of Python

•GUI based desktop applications
  •Image processing and graphic design applications
  •Scientific and computational applications
• Web frameworks and web applications
• Enterprise and business applications
• Operating systems
• Language development
• Prototyping
• Analytics
• Django, a complete and open source web application framework.
• Ruby on Rails
• Selenium and many more…
This importance of Python has grown over the years and it has increased a lot since the internet gained popularity. Google's search engine, YouTube, NASA and other system uses Python programming at their base.

How It Will Help ?

Some of the benefits of programming in Python include:
1. Large Third Party Modules and Libraries
Python contains lot of third-party modules which makes it easy to interact with most of the other languages and platforms. As mentioned earlier, Python have ever increasing standard library which make a new person to use and learn Python easily. Using python inbuilt standard libraries reduce the coding time and efforts and makes it easier and faster for developers to work on Python.
2. Open Source and contributions:
Python is open source license software, which makes it free to use and distribute even for commercial purposes.
3. Easy to Learn language and Support Available:
Python have very simple-to-learn syntax which makes beginners till experts to utilize this scripting language. Additionally, being open source technology, wide number of actively user developers has resulted in a huge resource bank which helps new developers in industry in Python

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