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What Is Talend ?

Talend is an ETL Tool like Informatica, ABinitio, Datastage etc. How it is different from others is that Talend is an open source technology. Which mean, you can simply download the software and use for real time projects. Informatica and other tools are paid technology, which mean you have to buy commercial license to work for production activities. Though free version have some limitations over the commercial version.
Talend have many components which allow you to integrate and process the data from various utilities like Amazon, Azure, Google cloud, Hadoop, Salesforce and many more along with regular databases and file systems. Talend offer services and components for Data Integration, Data Migration, Data Quality, Data Management, Cloud Integration etc.
The work on talend started around 2005 by Bertrand Diard and Fabrice Bonan. Talend was first open source ETL technology present to world. Though its competitors are Informatica are in existence since 1995. Talend gained lot of market because it’s an open source technology.
Talend’s first commercial product was named as Talend Open Studio for data integration. Talend have many tools available in industry now like Talend Data Quality and Talend Big Data edition to name a few. Talend Big Data edition is available for free download for 30 days trial.
Talend is Java based application, with actual development and execution happening in Java. Talend is offer with GUI, but internally it executes the code in Java only. Talend also allows you to ignore the GUI and implement the features with Java code, which required a person to have moderate understanding on Java. If you are not rom Java background, you can ignore the java code and continue using the luxury of excellent GUI.

Advantages of Talend Open Source ETL tools from a perspective of organization:
Reduced development team cost: With the growth of ETL tools, the demand of SQL developers have reduced. Though SQL is still needed, but lot of work id done by the tools like Talend. Talend like tools reduced the need of many SQL developers. Though knowledge of SQL id must for working on Talend or any other ETL tool.
Reduced development time: Since Talend is a GUI based application and the GUI components take care of internally implementing the SQL logic, the development activities are very fast as compared to manual ETL. This drastically reduces the coding time and efforts. ETL tools are making the development cycle run fast. This helps business indirectly in saving the cost.
Less chances of error as against manual ETL: Since software takes care of implementing the actual SQL logic and writing manual SQL queries and other code is reduced, this saves lot of human error.
Excellent support available online: Talend, being an open source technology have good online audience which are offering the support and help.
Numerous components to integrate and implement ETL requirements: Talend have numerous components to implement various aspects of Data processing activities. It have almost all the features needed for business implementation activities.

You can open source Talend from here: This is official Talend page.
For the list of Talend Global Certifications, visit:

Future Scope of Talend and Career Options in Talend

Talend as mentioned earlier is an open source ETL (Extract, Transform and Loading) tool that is used to handle large amount of data in enterprise. With the expanding volume of data, only being dependent on SQL is no more possible for organizations. Brining the thought of creating inhouse ETL tool is time consuming and costly thought. Other ETL tools are relatively expensive. With all these scenarios, Talend offer best match between the features and the cost which an enterprise would be ready to invest.
With the growth in the data volumen, ETL tools along with Talend are only going to grow. SO this makes it one of the most sought after technology in market.

What are the career opportunities with Talend ETL ?

Every day huge amount of data in injected in organizations systems through various channels like websites, emails, enquires and service requests. For any organization, it becomes absolutely essential to handle the data effectively. Organizations have identified the importance of accumulating and storing data. Future of any organization depends their data handling capabilities. ETL tools like Talend makes it easier for organization to process the data and manage it.
Many It professionals with ETL skills are always required due to the need of efficiency in handling large volumes of data. The easiness with which Talend allows developers to build data integration work flow to extract, clean, transform and load data on Hadoop, makes it one of the preferred skill set.

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